Aerial Thermography

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solar energy audit in mineapolis

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solar energy audit in mineapolis

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Asset owners

Maximize the return on your solar asset:

  • End of warranty claim inspections.
  • Maximize return on investment.
  • Due diligence inspections on assets for sale.
  • Ensure proper management and maintenance.
  • Easily identify underperformances and the anomalies causing them.
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O&M and asset management

Do more with less and be highly efficient:

  • Improve worker safety.

  • Reduce time in the field.

  • Gain insight down to the cell level.

  • Localization of anomalies in digitized solar site.

  • Optimize workflow and system performance.

  • Detailed classification of anomalies.

  • Reduce labor costs by more effectively deploying technicians and allocating recourses.

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Ensure asset commissioning is accurate:

  • Use inspection reports for commissioning reports.

  • Have confidence that the solar site is in working condition and producing energy.

  • Confirm equipment is installed correctly.

How it works

solar energy audit in mineapolis

Site Inspection

We get to the site and take the data with our drone to analyze the array status.

solar energy audit in mineapolis

Data processing

We will process the data with the RAPTOR MAPS software to identify the type of anomalies present, their location and their financial impact.

solar energy audit in mineapolis


You will receive for your residential / commercial project the following deliverables.


  • Understand the financial impact of site anomalies
  • Use detailed findings, site map, and images for O&M planning
  • Gain insight into different anomaly types
  • Locate anomalies using the site as-built and numbering scheme
  • Review anomaly images to assist in maintenance planning
  • Filter anomalies displayed by type
  • Access the site map and find anomalies while in the field
  • Eases finding defect location for maintenance personnel
  • Provide others with access to app features
  • Filter report and generate a PDF file
  • Share read-only report access using a link
  • Use JSON to export solar inspection data to other systems
  • Export anomaly locations to a .shp or .kml file for use with mapping software
  • Integrate using the ingestor API to speed transfer of solar inspection data for analysis by Raptor Maps

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Aerial Thermography

Reviewing anomalies

Our full report enables you to review infrared images associated with anomalies identified during site inspection. The IR image shows a higher temperature for the anomalous area or component compared to adjacent areas or components. This is because defects dissipate solar energy as heat rather than converting it to current.

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drone technology in minnesota
Aerial Thermography

Inspection to support warranty claims

Hot spots and activated bypass diodes are indicators of potential module failures. If the modules are within warranty, you can use evidence of these types of failures to support a warranty claim. Simply Drones assists you to identify these issues, as well as provides the documentation necessary for a claim.

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The following report was published by Raptor Maps, Inc and its purpose is to aggregate findings to provide a benchmark for PV system status to improve and strengthen the PV industry. This report draws from the Raptor Maps data repository and includes an overview of aerial thermography findings and the relative impact on PV systems.

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solar energy audit in mineapolis