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Solar Construction - Drone services - Solar industry in Minnesota

Progress Monitoring

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Plan Remotely

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Monitor Remotely

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We will perform site surveys on 4 stages of your project:

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During Pre-construction

  • Surveying available.

  • Up-to-date imagery and data on site before beginning construction.

  • Avoid last minute surprises and delays.

  • Begin earthwork on time.

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Clearing and Earthwork

  • Confirm clearing is completed correctly.

  • Measure rack volumes of earthwork.

  • Monitor as frequently as needed.

  • Verify site development follows the project’s plans.

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During the Mechanical Installation

  • Quantify the progress of equipment installation. 

  • Compare report data to data from the field. 

  • Follow the progression of all solar PV system equipment installed.

  • Reports include racking, leg/beam sets, assemble tables, modules, fencing, ballasts, etc.

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  • File warranty claims and confirm all requirements have been met.

  • Ensure the solar PV system is safe and performing optimally. 

  • Simplify your transition. 

  • Minimize the transfer of risk.

How it works

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Site Inspection

We get to the site and take pictures and evidence of the project’s progress.

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You will receive the reports on the progress of the projects within 24 hours after the inspection.

Access & download
your reports

  • Downloadable and printable composite image of site 
  • Downloadable CAD format files 
  • Downloadable Point Cloud Mesh 
  • Exportable .PDF report document per flyover 
  • Exportable .CSV report file
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Any questions? let’s talk!

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