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Inspection for management decision making - Simply Drones
drone technology in minnesota

Inspection for management decision making

Our partnership with Raptor Maps allows us to assist you as you monitor return on investment or other financial measures for a solar site.

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Specifically, you can:


  • Assess the financial impact of defects on power generated by a solar site

  • Distribute the solar inspection report to others

  • Access to a CSV file format report to include in more detailed analysis

The following outlines how we use Raptor Maps to review and report on anomalies impacting your solar site power production. The example is based on a Raptor Maps Standard inspection, which identifies anomalies to the diode, hot spot, and cell level.

Once your report is available, begin by taking a look at the Site Overview.

This will provide you with context in terms of the site size (in MW DC) and module type:

Site overview:


Module Name

Module Tech

 Module Layout



Site Layout

5.39 MWdc

Canadian Solar CS6X-315P 315W


19 modules per string

Eaton PSX-1500

RBI Fixed Tilt

Single Site

Next, we review the Findings table.

This table summarizes the anomalies and estimates the impact of the defects on power generated by the site:


drone technology in minnesota

We can adjust the values used to calculate the estimated annual and hourly impact based on the PPA rates your project uses:

drone technology in minnesota

To distribute the report, we will share an external link with the deliverables.

You can email the link to others and provide a read-only view of the report:

drone technology in minnesota

You can also print the report to a PDF file.


To include report data in other financial analysis, we will attach two exported CSV files, the summary and the detailed findings of your report.


Export the files to Excel or other spreadsheet programs. You can then provide detail to any financial analysis associated with the site inspection.

drone technology in minnesota

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drone technology in minnesota
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