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Will it be possible to control the weather using drones? - Simply Drones
Will it be possible to control the weather

Will it be possible to control the weather using drones?


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Science and technology are the closest thing to magic. With it, we can do things that we would never have thought of, but how far can we go? Through the years, we have witnessed how the human being is expanding the use of the technology that he creates reaching areas never imagined, it is common for something that was invented with a specific purpose to end up adapting to new needs, changing and evolving.

And it is that with the speed of technological advances that we have been experiencing in the last century, it would not be a surprise, in the short term, to run into the “futuristic events” that for years we have witnessed in science fiction movies and series being a reality.


Can you imagine that the government can control the climate of your country through Drones? Would you like to receive your favorite restaurant’s food in minutes thanks to a drone? Or go to work flying in a modern Drone Bus and avoid all the traffic? Well, these are projects that are a reality or will soon be (by the way, you can find out about the Drone Bus on our blog).

Without a doubt, controlling time is something that only the gods could do... until recently.

In the United Arab Emirates, in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, there is not exactly enough water. What they do have is money and with-it technologies to get water if necessary. So much so that it is getting it to rain, even though the temperatures exceed 140° F. How? The answer lies in the artificial seeding of clouds, a process that allows the clouds to discharge as much water as possible, even if the environmental conditions do not exist. For this, the human being himself oversees making the conditions happen, doing tricks, of course.

How does technology cause it to rain?

Scientists at the University of Reading in England helped develop a series of drones that can fly into existing clouds and alter the electrical charge of water droplets so that they clump together, amazing, isn’t it?


If it works in a small region, this means it could help replenish troubled water supplies around big cities like Dubai, and usher in a new era of human control over the climate. According to local media, the United Arab Emirates has achieved a total of 219 operations to create artificial rain in 2021 alone. Despite the heat waves and the arid climate of the country, they are making it rain on its cities and areas of interest.

Is there controversy about the use of drones to control the weather?

This technique of seeding clouds and then releasing all the water within them is generating controversy since many governments believe that naturally occurring climatic events are being altered and this could have “hidden interests”. In addition, there are experts who believe that this can get out of hand and cause flooding, although it has been shown that in the hands of experts this can be controlled.


This mechanism is not the first to be used to try to generate artificial rain, since there are products that are mostly used by people involved in agricultural workers who use a type of product capable of creating cloud seeding in another way, although it is not 100 % safe for humans.


For now, it is believed that this technique applied by Dubai to create rain to lower the hot summer temperatures is perfect if it is controlled and guarantees the safety of all citizens of the country.

What you opinion on this topic? Would you like this climate control system to be implemented around the world? Let us know in a comment on this post!

Drones are changing the world, and at Simply Drones, we bet on this it is for this reason that we invite you to discover our portfolio of services. Perhaps at Simply Drones for now we will not make it rain eventually, but currently, we do have the best service in Aerial Thermography, Conceptual Panel Design, and Ground Monitoring. What are you waiting to discover our service?



Silvia Monroy

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