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When is it a good option to contract Aerial Thermography services?


Thermography is an advanced technique that aims to discern the temperatures of an object or area without the need for physical contact. From the infrared rays the data of the object of study are shown, where through the different thermal palettes these data are interpreted, at Simply Drones, we make use of the White-Hot palette, where we can see the temperatures through a scale of grays in which warmer objects are shown in white and cooler objects in black. The images not only speak of temperature but also speak of thermal patterns, behaviors, and anomalies that must be interpreted to obtain the desired results and thus contribute to the efficiency of the aerial thermography service.

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There are many applications that thermography has, among which the maintenance of industrial equipment, the inspection of solar panels, weather predictions, military maneuvers, space observation, etc. stand out.

Obviously, progress in technology allows professionals to have much more advanced recording and detection equipment. Until now, thermographic analysis required quite expensive knowledge and instruments. However, drones have been a step forward in increasing the precision and convenience of data collection. It is obvious that the versatility and mobility offered by drones allow access to places from which it was previously unthinkable to reach.
The possibility of incorporating thermal imaging cameras into drones and photographing or filming from the air greatly expands the range of possibilities for professionals in the sector. Today at Simply Drones, we want to show you when or when it is a good option to hire Aerial Thermography:


1. When you need to check and inspect large areas of land and want to save time and money.

2. Difficult areas: many times, we need to get to a place that is difficult to access, and our equipment or personnel can be at great risk, in these cases, drone pilots are trained to finish the job safely and quickly.

3. When the work cannot stop: in solar plants, data is collected while the panels are working. The images are taken perpendicular to the panels to obtain more truthful and precise information.

4. Safety and rescue: drones can be very useful in locating and rescuing injured, lost, or missing people, they can also help to monitor fires through the detection of hot spots.

5. Inspection of electrical towers: the maintenance of lines with aerial vehicles is something common for companies in the electricity sector, thermography is generally used in intensive inspections. Thermographic images are used to search for “hot spots”, those points of an element whose temperature is higher and, therefore, stand out in the thermal image.

As you can see, Aerial Thermography with drones is a very broad sector that is still in full development, every day we can find new applications to thermography, since this area can reach more sectors that have not yet been fully explored with drones.
Now that you know the different applications of aerial thermography, we invite you to visit our Solutions section so that you know how at Simply Drones, we carry out our work in each area in which we specialize and what each of our services includes.


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